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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Traveling Jobs in 2024

For as long as humanity has roamed the earth, our innate sense of wanderlust and curiosity about distant lands has driven many to embark on journeys of exploration and discovery. In modern times, advances in technology and transportation have made travel more accessible than ever before. However, the practical realities of maintaining a steady income and career progression often present obstacles for those wishing to spend extended periods Traveling Jobs around the globe. Thankfully, the rise of remote and location-independent Traveling Jobs has opened up new possibilities for combining a life of travel with professional fulfillment. 

Working in Conservation & Wildlife

For those with a passion for nature and animals, the fields of conservation and wildlife offer a chance to combine purpose-driven Traveling Jobs. Here are a few options:

Safari Guide: 

Safari guides shepherd tourists across the African savanna, identifying flora and fauna through training in wildlife tracking and safety. Beyond spotting the “Big Five,” guides impart knowledge of animal behavior and the delicate balance of this biome.

Dive Instructor: 

As certified scuba instructors, candidates teach classes and lead dives among tropical coral reefs, demonstrating proper breathing and buoyancy techniques. Destinations abound, from Indonesia’s biodiverse waters to the Great Barrier Reef. Time in the field also allows assessing reef health and collaborating on research.

Park Ranger: 

Within national parks and protected lands, environmental science and biology degrees qualify candidates for park ranger roles. Rangers educate the public and enforce regulations to preserve natural and historical sites. The National Park Service regularly posts domestic openings on USAJOBS, and similar conservation agencies operate internationally.

Research Assistant: 

Research assistants collect data and help maintain equipment for projects investigating rainforests, endangered species, and more. Travel to diverse field sites affords observing ecosystems firsthand while supporting scientists’ efforts to document biodiversity and understand environmental changes.

Volunteer Coordinator: 

Non-profits coordinate volunteer expeditions and require coordinators to organize logistics and educational programs. Earthwatch and Conservation Volunteers give opportunities to engage volunteers in hands-on habitat restoration worldwide.

With full-time, year-round positions providing benefits, these roles allow supporting conservation efforts while traveling between field assignments domestically or even internationally.

Travel Nursing

Travel Nursing

For those with a nursing degree and license, travel nursing offers the ability to see different areas of the United States or globe while gaining new clinical experiences. Travel nurses are contracted by healthcare staffing agencies to work temporary assignments ranging from a few weeks to a year at various facilities. Housing, weekly stipends, and reimbursement for travel expenses are typically provided on top of the nurse’s regular hourly wage.

Common specializations in demand include ICU, labor and delivery, pediatrics, and emergency room nurses. Travel assignments can take place in both urban and rural areas, exposing nurses to diverse patient populations and medical environments. In addition to gaining diverse experience, travel nursing is very lucrative, with hourly rates often 1.5-2x that of permanent staff nurses. Many nurses save up enough through travel contracts to take extended breaks of international travel.

Major travel nursing agencies that can help nurses find new assignments include Aya Healthcare, Nomad Health, Medical Solutions, and Trusted Health. Registered nurses with a minimum of one year’s experience in their specialty are eligible to apply. Contract lengths and wages vary depending on the needs of each facility, but annual incomes upwards of $90,000-$120,000 USD are attainable through travel nursing alone.

Traveling Jobs in the Cruise Industry

For traveling jobs that essentially pay you to live aboard a small floating city and visit ports around the world, Traveling Jobs in the cruise industry is an exciting option. Cruise ships employ thousands of crew members to deliver exceptional guest experiences in roles like entertainment, hospitality, culinary, retail, and more.

Some top cruise line employers offering jobs that include room and board aboard the ship include:

  • Carnival Cruise Line
  • Royal Caribbean
  • Norwegian Cruise Line
  • Princess Cruises
  • Holland America Line

Popular crew positions include restaurant servers, bartenders, shop attendants, youth staff, housekeeping, and entry-level officer roles in deck/engine departments. While shifts can be long and physically demanding at times, perks include visiting new destinations each week and bonding with a global crew community.

Minimum requirements are typically to be over 18 years old and have a high school diploma. Some roles like entertainment performers or officers require additional certifications/experience. Crew contracts last 4-8 months on average, with salaries ranging from $1,500-$5,000 per month including room/board. This is a great way for recent graduates or career-changers to see the world while deciding on a longterm path.

Traveling Jobs in Hospitality & Tourism

Traveling Jobs in Hospitality & Tourism

For those interested in a more land-based approach to travel careers, the hospitality and tourism industries offer many roles that allow you to experience new places. Here are a few options:

Hotel Jobs: Chains like Marriott, Hilton, and Hyatt have properties worldwide seeking managers, front desk agents, servers, housekeepers, and more. Apply via their career websites.

Tour Guide: Become certified through the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations, then find work giving tours in destinations like Rome, Paris, London, New York City, and beyond.

Activity Instructor: Share your passions by teaching scuba diving, surfing, skiing, rock climbing, and other sports/activities at resorts in locations like Hawaii, Costa Rica, Australia and more.

Restaurant Manager: Oversee the operations of restaurants, cafes, and bars in diverse places. Search Traveling Jobs boards for openings at resorts and international chains.

Event Planner: Plan weddings, conferences, and other events on-site around the world through global planning companies like Diverse Creative Group.

While hospitality careers don’t necessarily involve constant travel, they provide opportunities to live abroad for a period of time while gaining transferable skills in a people-oriented industry. Many properties cover housing as well.

Careers in Air Transportation

For a traveling career spent mostly airborne, various roles within the air transportation industry offer bird’s eye views of destinations worldwide. Here are a few options:

Airline Pilot: 

Earn your Commercial Pilot License and ratings, then apply directly with major carriers like Delta, United, American or budget airlines. Starting salaries average $60k with potential to six figures at senior levels. Training costs are steep but financial aid programs exist.

Flight Attendant: 

After obtaining a high school diploma, customer service experience and completing the airlines’ training programs, jet across routes domestically and internationally ensuring passenger safety and satisfaction. Pay begins at around $30k annually.

Airport Operations: 

Oversee key functions like air traffic control, aircraft maintenance, baggage handling, security screenings, customs and more that keep airports running smoothly. Formal education in relevant fields prepares you for these roles.

Private Jet Crew: 

As a pilot or cabin attendant, fly VIPs, celebrities and high-net-worth clients around the world on chartered jets. Obtaining the right certifications and building flight hours leads to these exclusive opportunities.

While schedules involve time away from home, careers in aviation provide a bird’s eye view of the world and its many destinations. Formal training and certifications are requirements for these globally mobile careers.

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As technology continues advancing and remote Traveling Jobs become increasingly prevalent, the opportunities for location-independent and travel-focused careers will only continue growing. Whether your passion lies in travel writing as a digital nomad, exploring new destinations as a cruise ship entertainer, or making an impact abroad through international development, this article has highlighted over a dozen viable pathways for combining meaningful work with life on the move. For those seeking adventure while maintaining a steady income, careers in fields like healthcare, aviation, hospitality and more provide the means and flexibility to experience the world’s many regions. With the right skills, training and flexibility, you can create a career that fuels your innate wanderlust.

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