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Herschel Backpacks: Iconic Collections, Styles and Features

Herschel Supply Co. is a leading lifestyle brand known worldwide for its stylish and functional bags, backpacks, and accessories. Since its founding in 2009, Herschel has built a loyal customer base with products that blend form and function seamlessly. Herschel backpacks are among their most popular offerings and have become a mainstay for students, professionals, and travelers alike.

Classic Herschel Backpacks

Classic Herschel Backpacks

The Classic collection helped put Herschel on the map and remains hugely popular today. Known for its retro-inspired look, this line of backpacks has a relaxed yet refined aesthetic that works for any occasion. Here are some of the top styles within the Classic range:

  1. Classic Backpack: The original style that started it all. Made of polyester, it features an internal laptop sleeve, front pocket and adjustable straps. Comes in 15L, 17L, 20L and 26L sizes.
  2. Classic XL Backpack: A larger 26L version with added pockets for extra storage capacity. Fits up to a 15″ laptop.
  3. Classic Mini Backpack: A downsized 6.5L pack for daily commutes or travel. Organizer pockets and key clip included.
  4. Classic Heritage Backpack: A heavier-duty twill fabric gives this version a vintage vibe. Internal padded laptop sleeve fits up to 15″.

All Classic backpacks have the signature Herschel striped lining and hardware accents. Reviews praise their streamlined profiles, comfortable straps and ability to hold a day’s gear. At affordable price points, they remain top sellers in the Herschel collection. The Classic line is an excellent choice for those seeking an understated everyday pack.

Little America Backpacks

Little America Backpacks

Launched in 2010, the Little America collection quickly became one of Herschel’s most iconic silhouettes. With a retro-inspired bomber jacket aesthetic, these packs exude vintage Americana vibes. Available in various sizes like the 21L Mid-Volume and 30L Large packs, here are the standout Little America styles:

  1. Little America Backpack: The original 30L design features multiple pockets, including a padded laptop compartment. It fits screens up to 15.6″.
  2. Little America Mid-Volume Backpack: A slightly smaller 21L version still spacious enough for daily use: front zip pocket and padded straps.
  3. Little America Pro Backpack: This insulated pack has a dedicated fleece-lined compartment that keeps food and drinks cool for hours.
  4. Little America Canvas Backpack: A heavier-duty build made of waxed cotton that has been used for years for rugged use and is fully lined with extra pockets.
Little America Backpacks

Little America backpacks are praised for their buttery soft leather pulls and premium construction. The retro styling is also a big draw for many. Whether you need a daily carryall or travel pack, the Little America is a versatile and good-looking choice.

Heritage Backpacks

Heritage Backpacks

Launched in 2012, the Heritage line took inspiration from well-worn military-issue packs of the past. These backpacks are made with durable twill fabrics and leather accents and have a rugged yet refined look. Top styles in the collection include:

  1. Heritage Backpack: The original 24L design has padded laptop and tablet sleeves, a front pocket, and a durable base. It fits screens up to 15.6″.
  2. Heritage Youth Backpack: A smaller 20L version sized for students in grades 6-8 with all the signature Heritage details.
  3. Heritage Kids Backpack: An even more compact 15L kids’ pack made from water-resistant polyester.
  4. Heritage Mini Backpack: Downsized to 10L, this mini has the same twill build and organizational pockets.

The Heritage line is ideal for those seeking a backpack built to last. Reviews praise their hardy cotton canvas fabrics, quality hardware and ability to develop a beautiful patina over the years. Slightly more expensive than Classic styles but worth it for the lifetime of use.

Tech-Focused Herschel Backpacks

screenshot of Tech Focused Herschel Backpacks

While all Herschel backpacks integrate laptop and device sleeves, some are tailored for tech and gadgets. Here are a few top tech-friendly options:

  1. Kaslo Backpack: This pack keeps tech safe and powered with dedicated fleece-lined pockets for laptops up to 15″, a tablet sleeve and a charging port.
  2. Pop Quiz Backpack: Features a dedicated laptop compartment, internal mesh pockets and a side water bottle holder. Fits 15-16″ laptops.
  3. Nova Backpack: Sleek vegan leather accents and multiple pockets, including a fleece-lined 15.6″ laptop sleeve.
  4. Survey Backpack: Loaded with pockets including fleece-lined sleeves for laptops up to 15″, a tablet and accessories.
  5. Tech Division Backpack: Part of the limited Tech Division collab, this pack has padded sleeves, charging ports and a rain cover.

These options deliver optimized storage and protection for those who carry a lot of techs daily, like photographers, students or professionals. Reviews praise their thoughtful organization and ability to securely carry expensive gear.

Weather-Resistant Herschel Backpacks

Weather-Resistant Herschel Backpacks

For adventures outdoors or travel through unpredictable climates, Herschel offers several backpacks treated with a water-resistant finish:

  1. Roll Top Backpack: Features a roll-top closure and fully lined water-resistant fabric. It fits laptops up to 15.6″.
  2. Classic XL Weather Resistant Backpack: A larger 30L version of the Classic with a water-resistant polyester build.
  3. Survey Weather Resistant Backpack: Thoughtfully organized with fleece-lined sleeves and a water-resistant construction.
  4. City Mid-Volume Weather Resistant Backpack: A compact 14L commuter pack made for rainy day style.

These backpacks maintain Herschel’s signature looks while integrating weather-proofing. Reviews praise their durable construction and ability to withstand light rain and snow—ideal options for travelers and those who commute year-round.

Mini and Specialty Herschel Backpacks

Mini and Specialty Herschel Backpacks

No collection is complete without some more miniature and niche-focused packs:

  1. Nova Mini Backpack: Downsized to a compact 9L yet still fits essentials like a tablet.
  2. Classic Mini Backpack: The original downsized 6.5L mini with a front pocket and key clip.
  3. Retreat Mini Backpack: Features a padded laptop sleeve and organizational pockets in an 8L mini size.
  4. Retreat Small Backpack: Slightly larger at 17L but still compact and lightweight for daily use.
  5. Diaper Bag Backpacks: Stylish pac and play options like the Settlement and Nova styles.
  6. Packable Backpacks: Compression packs like the Rome that flatten for easy storage in a purse.

Herschel delivers cute mini and specialty options for those seeking an ultra-portable everyday pack or diaper/baby bag. Reviews praise their versatility and storage, especially for their size. Great for commuting, travel or on-the-go parenting.

Choosing the Right Herschel Backpacks

Choosing the Right Herschel Backpack

With over a dozen collections, choosing the backpack that best fits your needs can feel overwhelming. Here are a few factors to consider:

Size – Consider how much gear you need to carry daily. Measure laptop and tablet dimensions to ensure proper fit.

Use – Do you need a school pack, travel bag, diaper bag or commuter pack? Choose based on primarily intended activities.

Aesthetic – Browse different collections to determine which designs appeal most to your style.

Budget – Prices vary, but sales are expected. Set a comfortable spending limit and find options that fit it.

Durability – Consider materials like canvas for longevity if hard use is expected. Lighter packs work for low-impact daily carry.

Once you’ve narrowed down the use case and aesthetic, read reviews on Herschel’s site or third-party retailers. This will help determine real-world functionality and quality. Don’t hesitate to contact their customer support for any other questions. With the correct information, choosing a perfect Herschel backpack is simple.

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Caring for Your Herschel Backpacks

Herschel backpacks are built to last through years of daily use when properly cared for:

  • Wipe down with a damp cloth to remove dirt, keeping materials like leather clean and protected.
  • Store empty when not in use to avoid long-term shape deformation from heavy loads.
  • Inspect straps and zippers periodically for signs of wear, like loose threads – contact Herschel for repairs.
  • Apply conditioner sparingly as directed for waxed canvas or leather styles to maintain suppleness.
  • Use packing cubes and organizational panels to prevent items from rubbing against one another inside.
  • Consider a rain cover for inclement weather or a small trip repair kit.

With primary care, Herschel backpacks will remain stylish for school, work or travel over many seasons. Don’t hesitate to contact their customer support team with any other maintenance questions.

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