Fall In Love with Magical Heart-Shaped Places Around the World

Fall In Love with Magical Heart-Shaped Places Around the World

As the month of love approaches, our minds turn to all romantic things. February stirs our hearts with thoughts of deep connection and intimacy, from cozy date nights to dreamy getaways with our partners. While chocolates and flowers are lovely tokens of affection, visiting extraordinary places can take your Valentine’s experience to new heights.

What if I told you there are actual locations around the globe that Mother Nature herself has shaped into hearts? From secluded islands and crystal-clear lakes to dramatic geological formations and coral reefs, these sites honor the very symbol of romance. Standing at their edges together, you and your loved one will feel the magic of their heartfelt forms long after your visit ends.

Heart Reef, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Let’s start our journey of heart discovery beneath the waves of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Located in the Whitsunday Islands region, Heart Reef got its name from its vivid coral shape, clearly visible from aircraft touring the area. Made entirely of vibrant, hard, and soft coral grown over decades, its heart is 150 feet long.

To experience this wonder up close, book a full-day tour from Airlie Beach or Hamilton Island. Operators like Air Whitsunday offer scenic flights for aerial views plus guided snorkeling so you can swim among the reef’s tropical fish and sea life. Consider an overnight stay on Whitehaven Beach afterward for a romantic picnic under the stars. The Great Barrier Reef’s heart is a stunning natural work of art to share as a couple.

Galesnjak Island, Croatia

Dubbed “the world’s most adorable island” by Maphead expert Ken Jennings, tiny Galesnjak lives up to its heart-shaped form. Located off Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast near Supetar, this private island paradise measures 330 by 165 feet yet captures imaginations worldwide. Unspoiled beaches ring its perimeter within a sheltered bay, making Galesnjak the ultimate secluded getaway for couples.

Day trips are possible from Supetar via private boat transfer. While overnight stays aren’t currently permitted, the island’s owners hope to host intimate weddings on its shores one day. Until then, spending Valentine’s Day beach combing this fairytale aisle would create memories to last a lifetime. With crystal waters lapping at a landscape shaped like true love itself, Galesnjak Island is romance-defined.

Trnovačko Lake, Montenegro

Nestled high in Montenegro’s Bjelasica Mountain range, Trnovačko Lake’s heart shape is one of Europe’s best-kept secrets. Accessible only via a four-hour hike through dense forests and alpine meadows, its remote location yields few visitors despite housing incredible natural beauty. Teal waters lap at rocky cliffs enclosing the heart, magnifying its vivid form against jagged peaks.

Plan to spend at least two nights in the nearby town of Žabljak for sufficient recovery time post-hike. Consider packing a picnic on the lakefront, then spend your afternoon exploring nearby waterfalls and villages. The sense of adventure and achievement in reaching this hidden gem as a couple will deepen your bond immensely. Trnovačko Lake offers an unforgettable off-the-beaten-path experience for outdoor adventurers in love.

Lake of Love, Belgium

Lake of Love, Belgium

Nestled amid the charming canals and architecture of historic Bruges lies a lake shaped like Cupid’s bow – the Lake of Love. Also known as Lac de l’Amour, this picturesque spot has long captured imaginations with its heart-like waters encircled by lush parklands and buildings. Strolling its banks hand-in-hand provides the perfect backdrop for an intimate conversation on Valentine’s Day.

Be sure to visit on a weekday to avoid crowds. Afterward, explore Bruges’ cobbled lanes and soak in its fairytale ambiance over fondue or mussels at a restaurant along Markt Square. End your evening at the Belfry Tower for sweeping city views as the sun sets on your romantic Belgian adventure. The Lake of Love’s serene beauty amid Bruges’ romance-steeped setting makes it ideal for cherished couple time.

Lake Heart, Russia

Lake Heart sits near the Golden Ring town of Sergiev Posad, a crystal clear body of water shaped like Cupid’s arrow. Dense pine forests and meadows surround its shores, creating an idyllic natural escape from city life. In summer, its teal waters reflect the surrounding greenery in perfect heart form.

Visit on an entire moon evening for an extra magical experience. Consider packing a portable fire pit, s’mores, and blankets for stargazing along the shoreline after dusk. The following day, explore Sergiev Posad’s working monastery and golden domes. Lake Heart offers tranquility and natural splendor in the heart of Russia in the most romantic of landscapes. Your love is sure to deepen under the watch of its namesake shape.

Lough Ouler, Ireland

Nestled amid the rugged Wicklow Mountains south of Dublin lies the exquisite Lough Ouler. Its pristine teal waters form a perfect heart visible from surrounding peaks. Hiking trails weave through lush forests and grassy hills to various scenic vantage points overlooking the lough below.

Allow at least half a day for an 8-mile loop trail with ample stops to soak in the views. Consider packing a picnic lunch and thermal clothing for the changing weather. After your hike, unwind over Irish coffee and scones by a roaring fire at the charming Wicklow Heather restaurant near Glendalough. Lough Ouler’s natural beauty provides the ideal backdrop for an active yet romantic Valentine’s adventure in the Emerald Isle.

Calanques de Piana, France

Along France’s spectacular Corsican coastline lies the Calanques de Piana: towering sea cliffs sculpted into nature’s very symbol of love. Hike the winding coastal path for glimpses of its heart-shaped archway cut from vibrant orange rock. Crystal waters below reflect the formation, magnifying its vivid presence.

Allow a full day to explore additional Calanques like Muro and Ficajola. Consider an overnight in the nearby port town of Piana to watch the sunset light up the cliffs in fiery hues. End your trip relaxing in Corsica’s Mediterranean charm over a five-star meal of local charcuterie, cheese, and wine. The Calanques’ natural artistry against a backdrop of sea and sky creates an unforgettable Valentine’s memory.

Tavarua Island Resort, Fiji

Tavarua Island Resort, Fiji

For a tropical island escape with all the romance, Tavarua fits the bill perfectly. Situated within Fiji’s Mamanuca Islands, its private heart shape is surrounded by azure waters teeming with marine life just offshore. Luxurious bures (villas) dot the interior and beaches, ensuring privacy for couples.

Indulge in daily spa treatments, gourmet meals featuring local cuisine, and watersports like snorkeling and paddle boarding. Evenings are spent stargazing from your private outdoor shower or beachfront dinner. Tavarua is a paradise for reconnecting intimately amid lush scenery far from everyday stresses. Its secluded heart-shaped sands will live in your memories forever.

Easter Egg Rock Island, Maine, USA

Just off Maine’s rugged Downeast coast lies a cluster of small islands known as Easter Egg Rock. One tiny heart-shaped islet captures the eye amidst its rounded neighbors. Best visited during low tide, its rocky heart invites exploring tidal pools and photographing Atlantic puffins that nest along the shoreline.

Nearby Beals Island offers charming vacation rentals and restaurants serving fresh seafood. Consider spending Valentine’s Day beach combing the area, followed by a cozy evening fireside with hot cocoa and cards. Easter Egg Rock’s natural charm provides a refreshing change of scenery for landlocked couples seeking ocean breezes and quality time together.

Moorea Island, French Polynesia

With its iconic silhouette of two bays embraced like a heart, Moorea has captured wanderlusting hearts for centuries. Located just 17 kilometers from Tahiti, its lush interior and 120 miles of coastline beckon exploration. Snorkel with blacktip reef sharks at Cook’s Bay or hike to Belvedere Viewpoint for sweeping views of its heart-shaped form.

Indulge in an overwater bungalow at the luxury Sofitel Ia Ora Moorea for the ultimate romantic escape. Gaze at the stars while drifting in a private hot tub before falling asleep to the sound of waves. Moorea’s tropical beauty provides the perfect Valentine’s backdrop for rekindling your flame amid South Pacific splendor. The magic of its heart-shaped shores will stay with you always.

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Whether you crave tropical beaches, alpine peaks, or coastal charms, I hope the magical heart-shaped places featured inspire your Valentine’s plans. Each destination celebrates love through natural beauty and intimate connection.

Visiting these wonders with your special someone lets you see your relationship reflected in the very symbol of romance. Standing hand in hand at their shores, you’ll feel Cupid’s magic in your hearts long after your adventure ends.

The natural artistry found in these places stirs emotions on a deep level, reminding us that love knows no bounds. Wherever your journey leads this season, may you return home feeling closer than ever. Wishing you both many years of bliss to come!

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